Disability Rights in Georgia

Producer / Editor

In the Republic of Georgia, many people do not believe that people with disabilities are capable of living independent lives. Fortunately, the state recently ratified the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and pledged to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities to participate in Georgian society. But the CRPD faces many challenges to successful implementation: violations are widespread and policy-makers generally unresponsive.

To explain the importance of actively monitoring CRPD violations and encourage citizen participation, we worked with a coalition of disability rights organizations to produce a poignant narrative that explains the situation through the personal stories of local advocates. The video is part of a larger campaign—the website ability.ge/en—a user-friendly, data-gathering platform to monitor violations of the CRPD.  We expect that this project will generate valuable lessons about using crowd-sourced information and technology to document rights violations effectively for advocacy, particularly when the system is based on sound legal research and an understanding of how to prove treaty violations.